The Thesis

Tutus | Plies | Relevés

This thesis, through my paintings of ballet dancers, explores the idea of “essence,” as defined as what lies behind the immediate, what is its core nature, and what lies behind the character of an image. Much like Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” there is more to be seen beyond the shadows. Enabling the viewer to see beyond the image and experience the dancer’s dreams, discipline, and dedication, collage elements provide a lens of fabrication and imagination. Additionally, brightly colored palettes, diagonals, and arcing lines defying the laws of perspective, demand an interaction with the audience, providing movement and energy as the dancers appear to move across the stage. Ultimately this body of work brings to light the value of essence for humanity as a form of authenticity in viewing the world.

72'' x 48''
Collage and Acrylic
72'' x 72''
Pas de Deux
36'' x 24''
Collage and Oil
The Performance
60''x 48''
Collage and Oil
Libbys' Shoes
36'' x 24''
Mixed Media
72'' x 72''
Collage and Acrylic
Tiny Dancer
30'' x 24''
Thesis Installation

Thesis Installation 3

Thesis Installation 4