Artist Statement

I really love learning about people – I am a curious person. For me, I learn from people, the more I learn about experiences, history, and myself. Incorporating people’s history in my work makes me want to step in their shoes and experience where they have been. When I paint, I do not only connect with the experience and truth of the people, I also find my own truth. I paint what I have learned from these individuals and I paint what I have learned into the painting.

I am inspired by everything from the great literary works of Homer and Dumas, the genius of Michelangelo, to the visions of Homer, Dr. Seuss, George Ballanchine, and James Rosenquist. In my work, there is more to the image than the image itself; there is a story and we, as an audience, are part of the story. Enabling the viewer to see beyond the image and experience others’ history and truths provide a lens of fabrication and imagination. I follow Walt Disney’s philosophy “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because curiosity keeps leading us down new paths....

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